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                Elekit 300B/2AE3 SE Power Amp Kit (TU-8900) with Standard OPT


                New design; available now As the name suggests this new power amp from Elekit supports both the 300B and 2A3...

                Elekit TU-8600S kit


                Price includes Australian GST and excludes tubes in the base kit TU-8600 is a new design using the 300B tube...

                Elekit TU-8200R-6L6GC kit with Lundahl OPTs


                The TSA SX version of the superb Elekit TU-8200R includes Lundahl output transformers, specially designed for the amp, for significantly...

                TSA OB15 "Wentworth Falls Butterflied Stringy Bark"


                The TSA Open Baffle loudspeaker is fashioned from raw hardwood slabs sourced locally in the Blue Mountains and "butterflied" to...

                TSA Gift Certificate


                The TSA Gift Certificate is the perfect gift idea for the music loving husband, father or boyfriend. For those who...

                Timber wood grain panels for Elekit TU-8600S


                Add the look of polished wood grain panels to your tube amp project for a distinctive finish! Choose from a...

                Elekit TU-8200R kit with DAC


                Adds an inbuilt DAC module for easy integration of source digital input. Active Automatic bias adjustment function means changing tube...

                TSA Wollemi (Pair)


                Smaller listening environments where space is at a premium are perfectly catered for by the TSA Wollemi, which, unlike its...

                TSA TOOL KIT


                If this is to be your first project, or you are perhaps revisiting a long lost love for which the...

                TSA Penultimate (Pair)


                The TSA Penultimates are a truly superb loudspeaker fully delivering the promise of the 15 inch full range driver. This...

                TSA Monitor 1 (Pair)


                The TSA Monitor 1 Loudspeaker is a clean, forward ported 6.5" woofer based 2 way studio or reference monitor. The...

                TSA Mini (Pair)


                Sometimes the smaller listening environment actually requires a loudspeaker to sit on a shelf, literally the “bookshelf” loudspeaker. In these...

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