TSA Loudspeakers

If you are seeking a better sounding, better imaging loudspeaker solution, you have come to the right place. Customers are always commenting how they feel they are in the front row when listening to our loudspeakers.


High Sensitivity for Greater Clarity

High sensitivity loudspeakers feature an SPL above 95dB (1w @ 1m; note that when comparing SPL numbers, every 3 dB is a doubling of sound pressure so 96dB is eight times as loud as 87dB for a given input) and whilst they can be used with any amplifier type they are particularly well suited to use with tube amplifiers. Tube amps are analogue devices. They are fast and noted for their warmth; used with high sensitivity drivers the effect is extraordinary - vinyl record enthusiasts take note! Full range drivers handle the full audio spectrum so therefore no crossover filters; in other words there is less circuitry in between the amplifier and the speaker. The full range driver produces a single point-source of sound. In combination with tube amplification the resulting stereo imagining is uncanny. The music simply floats in the air the performers seemingly there in the room with you.

Bespoke Appeal

TSA Designer Loudspeakers specialises in full range, high sensitivity, single driver loudspeakers presented in attractive, bespoke cabinets in your choice of finish and colour. We offer loudspeakers in a range of form factors and displacements, from the TSA Micro bookshelf or desktop all the way to TSA Shock & Awe at a massive 370 litres with 15 inch drivers. Our loudspeakers are bespoke; each pair is unique. Our cabinets are high quality, craftsman made with your desired finish. Choose from our Traditional range of natural woodgrain or our Modern range of literally hundreds of melamine finishes.

Extended System Performance

Extend the uncanny accuracy and imaging of TSA’s full range solutions with the TSA Seamless Sub, a high performance sub-woofer designed for music performance rather than surround sound environments. For those seeking high end performance in bass reproduction the Seamless Sub offers fast, tight reproduction in an upward firing, sealed cabinet. Highly recommended as a matched pair, even a single unit will add wonderful depth to all music genres.

Traditional Wood Grain

There are literally dozens of choices in TSA’s traditional wood grain collection. Match your room’s mood by choosing a woodgrain shade and tone to blend with your decore.

Modern Melamine

Modern finishes offer an extraordinary array of colours or patterns and with TSA’s build to order capability your loudspeakers will be an integral part of your room’s design and at a lower price point.

Live In Audition – A Vinyl & Valves weekend in the Blue Mountains

Like an opportunity to audition TSA Loudspeakers over a relaxing weekend? TSA has partnered with Falls Lodge of Wentworth Falls to pioneer Austalia’s first live-in hifi audition experience. Spend a weekend listening to your own music on a full TSA system offering both analogue and digital source capability. For vinyl record enthusiasts check out the Vinyl & Valves weekend. Alternatively, feel free to request a TSA Loudspeaker catalogue for examples of our large range or call to discuss.

TSA Shock & Awe

Peter’s comments: This is truly UNBELIEVABLE UNBELIEVABLE UNBELIEVABLE ,!!!!! Words cannot describe !! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Listening to Diana Krall right now and my wife is starting to smile and we can easily hear each other! It is all and more what I expected. Soft dynamic everything you hear, the detail ... My father would love it!! Thanks again!!


TSA Penultimate

Frank’s comment: The speakers have arrived safe and sound.....thank you for the careful packaging.

I have unboxed and installed them and they appear extremely well made....thank you again!!!

I have listened for about an hour and their virtues in the area of transparency, detail and just plain musicality are immediately apparent..........I love them straight out of the box and I suspect they will turn out to be the best speaker I have ever owned


TSA Jamison

George’s comments: I have this friend who continues to throw extraordinary amounts of money at various loudspeaker types and configurations searching for something he likes. He listens to my TSA Jamisons and shakes his head: “but they don’t cost enough to sound that good”. My turn to shake my head.


TSA Megalong

Darryl’s comments: My wife, the real test. I could have easily bought loudspeakers that met her needs while spending less money and taking far less time. One of my wife's favourite albums is Diana Krall "Live in Paris". We went to a Diana Krall concert at the Sydney Opera House and my wife said "that sounds exactly the same as the new stereo". Good enough for me


TSA Wollemi

Brian’s comment: The speakers arrived on Friday, and I am delighted with them!

They are beautiful in appearance (I am very pleased with my choice of “Wenge”) and they sound fantastic.  I tried them out with a broad range of styles of music, as well as recordings from different eras.  They all sounded superb: full of detail and clarity across the full range of sounds and instruments.



TSA Micro

David’s comment: I’ve only spent a little time with them but I’m very pleased!


TSA Monitor 1

Matt’s comments: And the speakers! These were the speakers that I knew would be the ones taking center stage in my home. I even got to choose the wood finish for them (or at least my wife did). My dad visited recently and was taken aback at the sound. I don’t think he realised how much his stereo meant to me as a kid.

Kerry’s comments: Just a quick note to let you know that I am very impressed with the monitor speakers, the clarity and sharpness of sound is incredible: crystal clear sound with good depth to the bass out of a pretty small package.


It was a pleasant surprise to listen to an amp/speaker combination that can reproduce music in such a way that it sounds like you are sitting in the opera house and not in a living room, even a studio.” Joanne; Opera Australia