Elekit TU-8800 - (Not currently available)

    Elekit TU-8800 - (Not currently available)


      Tube Sound Audio has a limited number of this marvellous new release from Elekit.

      The TU-8800 is a single-ended power amp kit that supports many popular octal-base pentode and beam power tubes. By simply changing the power mode, 6V6, 6L6/EL34 and most of the KT series tubes can be used. The TU-8800 is the culmination of ELEKIT's best designs and circuitry from their previous amp models.

      Support various pentode and beam tubes
      Select from 3 power modes with the switch on the top of the chassis.
      The amp supports various commercially available pentode and beam tubes. ELEKIT have made the selection of Triode or Ultralinear modes simple by locating a switch on the top of the amp chassis.

      Active Automatic bias adjustment system
      The ELEKIT original "Active automatic bias adjustment system" is used in the TU8800.
      Depending on the selected power mode and tube type, the correct level of bias current is automatically set. No messing around with multimeters! Additionally, the accuracy and stability of this feature has been improved from past models.

      Stable NFB circuit for great audio quality
      The negative feed back loop is separated to the output and voltage amplification stages for maximum amp stability. For the output stage, a major improvement is cathode NFB is applied from the third winding of the output transformer (OPT). This circuitry minimizes NFB and the amp achieves high stability without adjustment.

      Ample space for larger coupling caps
      ELEKIT is a kit manufacturer and in a significant nod to constructors, the all-important coupling capacitors, which play an important role in sound quality, are provided with ample space for upgraded caps. For the TU-8800, conductive polymer hybrid electrolytic capacitors and PP film capacitors are used. Although they are small in size, the PP film caps are of very high performance.

      Selectable output levels for headphones
      The TU8800 provides headphone support via a standard 6.5mm jack. Headphones typically come in a range of impedances so to maximise performance, the TU8800 offers six levels of adjustment, from low to high impedance. This is achieved by a simple jumper movement.

      Support for direct digital interface
      The TU8800, like the TU8200, will internally mount Elekit’s USB-DAC, also available from Tube Sound Audio.

      Other Build Options:
      The amp may be built for you; please contact us for details
      Amp Camp* - build the TU8800 at Amp Camp (POA).