Vinyl Record Cleaning & Restoration
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    Vinyl Record Cleaning & Restoration

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      Refurbishment of a favourite turntable or the installation of a brand new rig would logically call for restoration of a long standing record collection. Not only will record restoration by the VRC Method deliver enhanced listening pleasure through elimination of spurious noise it will also protect the new stylus from accelerated wear caused by dirt and grime in the record grooves.

      The Service:


      • Vinyl records professionally restored by the VRC Method
        • VRC Restore! has been measured as improving older record's signal to noise ratio by an average of 11dB and an 8dB improvement in peak noise floor. Channel separation is also enhanced
        • VRC Restore! has been noted to remove noise left behind by ultrasonic, vacuuming and other RCM types
        • LPs are re-sleeved in high quality anti-static sleeves
        • Treated album covers marked with a VRC mini sticker
        • Album covers with split seams are repaired
        • Courier service to collect and return your valuable records

        The Process

        • Once your order is placed a record storage box will be sent to you for packing with your records and a worksheet provided for listing of the records
        • A courier service will deliver the box to the Vinyl Record Cleaning Company
        • Records are cleaned by the VRC Method with each record marked off on the prepared schedule
        • Problematic records are twice cleaned by the VRC Method with each record marked off on the prepared schedule
        • Restored records returned by courier in the storage box

        Problem Vinyl Discs

        Use the provided order form to indicate albums which are particularly noisy or have resisted alternative cleaning attempts at noise elimination


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