Virtual Amp Camp Support pack

    Virtual Amp Camp Support pack

    $780.00 780.00

      The Virtual Amp Camp Support Pack is a collection of tools we provide to streamline your Amp Camp experience at home. The quoted price is a refundable deposit, less 10%, following the its return to Tube Sound Audio. The Pack includes:

      • Large format PCB holder
        • Securely support the printed circuit boards and provide easy access to both sides of the board. A must for safe, enjoyable soldering
      • High definition USB web cam (1080p)
      • Temperature controlled soldering iron with shaped tip for accurate, safe soldering
      • Solder sucker
      • Magnifying glass
      • Side cutters and needle nose pliers
      • 1.5 and 2.5 mm hex keys
      • Multimeter
      • Nut drivers (5.5mm and 7mm)
      • Eutectic solder (63/37) 25gms

      Postage costs are to the customer's account.